What is Robotic Assist Cardiac Surgery?

Robotic cardiac surgery is heart surgery performed through very small cuts, of only 2 cm, in the chest. With the use of tiny instruments and robotically controlled tools, surgeons are able to perform heart surgery in a way that is far less invasive than open-heart surgery, or even minimally invasive surgery. Robotic surgery can be performed for a number of different heart-related procedures; including valve surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery, repairing holes in the heart, and tumor removal. This surgical technique requires years of training and practice and is currently performed by only a handful of surgeons in the world. Dr. M M Yusuf and his team specialize in Robotic Cardiac surgery, performing them routinely with excellent outcomes.




⦿ The use of arterial conduits increases the durability of the bypass grafts

⦿ Least trauma, pain, and wound infection risk

⦿ Negligible blood loss

⦿ Extremely Short hospital stay – 48-72 hours average

⦿ Very Quick recovery to normal activity – 2 weeks average